Treat Your Co-Workers Like Customers

Support team member excellence, happiness and growth.  Be there as an ally and a positive force in their lives.  Having respect for your colleagues earns you respect in return, creates an atmosphere where collaboration, trust, and team work are valued. Do not gossip, interrupt, negatively criticize, or have poor demeanor.  Be kind, give praise, be respectful, be reliable, let them work, encourage, listen.

Pursue Innovation and Creativity

Always find new ways to improve and dream for a better way to do anything.  Creativity, intuition, and flexibility are key to successful operations.

Have a hunger to improve and be more efficient. Learn from your success and failures.  Ask questions.  Don’t be afraid to fail, but you must learn immediately from those failures.  Achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and perform tasks in the best possible manner.

Be Resourceful

Make Choices, design plans, create events, and find a way to get things done.  Resourceful people always find a way and they find diverse ways to accomplish goals.  It does not have to be expensive, it does not have to be difficult, and it does not have to be done alone.  Leverage whatever you can and be creative in everything you do.  Do more with less.


Team work is better than doing it alone.  More ideas are created by utilizing different visions of the world than a single mind.  Use the power of variety to form innovative ideas to create more value, fight through an obstacle, and change the norm of the industry.

Ignite and Maintain Passion

Love what you do, be driven to do it better than anyone else, set standards higher every day, LIVE.  Passion is what keeps us running and drives us to crush it.

Spread Positivity

State of Mind is everything, it is contagious.  Choose to be positive in every action and thought.  Negativity has no place here.


Paradigm is more than a tangible product, we are a culture, a vision of something better, a force to disrupt markets.  You must believe to be the force we are.

Embrace Honesty and Integrity

Trust is crucial with our clients and our teammates. Both must know that the job will get done.  Recognize limitations and where we can leverage to be better. Never be afraid to ask for help and always be willing to return the help.

Be Proactive and Deliver Beyond Expectation

Simply said, do more than the customer expects.  Always be one move ahead.  Being proactive rather than reactive is a must.  Anticipate the next question. Create WOW!

Have Fun

Be Proud of what you do and make it enjoyable.  Having fun while doing anything makes it better, the same goes here.  Create an atmosphere every day that makes the day amazing.  You are more likely to be more productive when you are in good spirits.  Imagine a work world where you love the work environment. Laughter creates a bond that brings others together.


Show empathy in all you do and with whom you encounter.  Take the time to understand the other person.  JUST LISTEN.


Perfection often is not possible, but how we react to change will determine how durable our success will be.  Those who can roll with change and still perform are prime time players for the team and will allow Paradigm to shift for any circumstance. EMBRACE CHANGE. Be Nimble.


Growth both personally and professionally is a key human need. Set goals to achieve it and applaud those around you when they do.

 Remain Grateful

Nothing is more powerful than being grateful.  The worst moods or the most negative mindset can be changed simply by being appreciative for something.  Be thankful always.

Give Back

We focus on success, on customer experience, on culture, and many wonderful areas that allow us to grow.  However, the ultimate measure of success is when we take the opportunity to do something for someone else.  Whenever possible, reach out and be a positive force for someone else any way you can.