Residential Services

Paradigm Title Group has been protecting the homeowner’s property rights since 2005. What does that mean? Basically, through a multi-step process we review the history of the property regarding ownership and other issues that can cause a problem with the rights of the owner. To check out more detail on this, review our basic steps to the closing process.
Primarily our residential services include the following (State dependent):

– Property Search
– Title Examining
– Commitment Preparation
– Curative Service
– Pre-Closing Preparation
– Real Estate Settlement
– Post-Closing
– Recording
– Owner and Lender Policy

We understand the needs of all parties associated with real estate settlements including the buyer, seller, lenders, brokers, attorneys, realtors, insurance carriers, builders and investors. No matter what obstacles we face we will accurately and efficiently resolve any title issues to aid in quicker closings. We operate with honesty, integrity and a solid commitment to quality and we maintain strong relationships with real estate industry professionals to always stay current.
To sum it up, what does that all mean to you? We will do anything to provide the best customer experience. If there is something you require to make the process great for you, just let us know. We always love to hear how we can help anyone working with our team on a transaction.
If this is all seems like a foreign language to you, please reach out. Our industry like many is filled with jargon. We want anyone involved to understand the process from the first time home buyer to the veteran industry folks. We are open for any questions you have.