Staying in line with our mission, our #1 focus is on the customer experience. So what do we mean by that? The customer experience can mean something different to everyone, but we find that communication is at the forefront.

Communication can happen in a lot of ways, but technology has proven itself to be the leader in sending and receiving information. We have embraced that idea and developed tools to keep the customer and industry partners informed throughout the entire process.

Some of the great technology tools we offer and utilize are:

Placing Orders Online
Cloud Based Tracking
iPhone and Android Apps
Online Document Retrieval
Title Insurance and Closing Cost Calculator
Seller Net Sheets
Systematic Workflow
Loan Estimate Fees
Automated Closing Reminders and Closer Assignment
…….and always developing more.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to run your title insurance and real estate closing process, reach out and let us show you some of our cool tricks. We want to see you be successful, our tools can get you there with less effort and less stress.