What We Value

Customer Experience

As stated in our mission, we are passionate about creating the best customer experience.  However, saying that is simple.  What do we mean by this idea?  It starts with the team at Paradigm Title Group. We value what matters to our team as well as our customer and we encourage our staff to be open about their goals and what drives them in life.  When this is accomplished it creates an environment that everyone believes in the idea of customer service.  Ultimately that environment puts our teams’ state of mind at its best allowing them to give their all to accomplish it.

We offer a positive and rewarding working environment that translates to the best customer experience that any company can offer to the community.


In addition to this, we truly value communication. The true test of a company’s communication is not when they call to deliver an easy message.  What truly separates the best from the rest is the team that will call to deliver any message.  Real estate closings can be messy at times.  At the end of the day it’s the team that communicates immediately under any circumstance whether news is great or not so great.  When proper communication is delivered, issues can be resolved, and closings remain to happen with little stress.

Ethics and Protection

We know any real estate transaction is a big deal and you should be able to trust who is handling it for you.  The vetting process of our team and the protective technology and procedures we have in place can prove to you that being ethical matters a lot to us.  We not only ensure our customers of that, but we back it up with multiple layers of policies that protect against fraud, theft, and other unethical behavior that happens in the world. Want to know more about it, just ask and we will be happy to show you.


Let’s face it, the world is surrounded by technology and you adapt or fall behind.  At Paradigm Title Group we want to offer any tool that can help our customer have an outstanding experience.  We have built automation into both our workflow within the company as well as communication and delivery of our products and services. Everything from a customer platform to see title and closing documents in the cloud or from your smart phone to receiving online title quotes, seller net sheets, loan estimate calculations, buyer’s money due at closing, and more.